Corporate Governance

Real Estate is a primarily a business that caters to the dreams & aspirations of individuals and businesses, alike. Being a part of the industry, we believe we have much greater responsibility upon us and the interests of the various stakeholders involved, namely, the land-owners, developers, customers, and the society and environment at large, have to be protected & promoted. At NJ Realty, we consider it as our responsibility to offer cost effective, high quality, safe, secure & environment friendly projects.

Real Estate is also a business that has a lot of inefficiencies and question marks. With the industry yet to fully mature, there are many issues that plague the industry. NJ Realty, in line with our NJ Group's culture, is strongly committed to pursue the best practices in the industry and set high standards of excellence in all operations. NJ Realty is committed to undertake activities that are legal, compliant and transparent in true spirit.

NJ Realty has a strong due-deligence process in place which ensures that appropriate verification and evaluation is undertaken for all engagements and property dealings. Further, project feasibility & saleability are also important considerations while engaging in any project management. NJ Realty is committed to establish and follow the best practices in project management, in line with the group's strong process & system's orientation. We stay committed to protect and promote the interests of all the stakeholders in our projects, namely the developers, land-owners, investors, customers, employees & the society and environment at large.