NJ Advantages

NJ Realty offers the following advantages:

End-To-End Project Management Expertise: NJ Realty has diverse expertise across the project life-cycle, having taken upon such responsibilities in past. Our expertise extents to areas of project identification, feasibility study, planning, arranging financing, project execution and project marketing. The end-to-end project management expertise puts us in the ideal situation to engage and add rich value to any project in any role.


NJ Realty has the experience of woking in many successful, diverse projects of varying sizes. There are also many projects which are currently in various stages of planning & execution. The diversified set of projects and past experience gives us the confidence & expertise to engage in project management in any capacity.

Strong markeing / distribution channel:

As part of NJ Group, NJ Realty has access to one of India's largest network of financial / property advisors across India. The NJ Wealth Advisors boasts of over 21,000 Advisors spread across India.

Strong Process & Systems orientation:

As part of NJ Group, NJ Realty has a very strong process & systems orientation. We have access to rich talent pool of managers & an internal IT team that takes care any technology requirements. NJ Realty seeks to set the best process & system practices in the industry, a reflection upon benchmark standards set by NJ Group in the financial services industry.

Strong Lineage:

NJ Realty enjoys the strong brand, credibility & financial strength of the NJ Group. Being part of NJ Group, there is also a strong synergy with other businesses and easy access to contacts and other resources which could be easily leveraged.