Real Estate is a primarily a business that caters to the dreams & aspirations of individuals and businesses, alike. Being a part of the industry, we believe we have much greater responsibility upon us and the interests of the various stakeholders involved, namely, the land-owners, developers, customers, and the society and environment at large, have to be protected & promoted. At NJ Realty, we consider it as our responsibility to offer cost effective, high quality, safe, secure & environment friendly projects.

On of the effects of high population growth, which coupled with growing economy & high inflationery conditions, the housing demand and prices are ever rising. The result is limited supply of housing, especially at the lower half of the pyramid that affects a majority of us. We believe affordable housing is an area that needs focus moving beyond financial considerations. Environmental sustainability is another aspect we feel very strongly for. Respecting, protecting and promoting environment is a serious business for us. Going beyond words, we seek to keep environment as one of the focal points in it's real estate business.

At NJ Realty, we are also strongly committed to execute projects in a very fair, transparent, compliant manner while upholding the laws of the land in its true spirit. The idea is to offer clients with solutions which can be trusted and enjoyed without any worries.